(a) Replacements and substitutes will be approved only due to unavoidable circumstances. If you enter championships it is expected that you will be available to the final (if successful) and Champion of Champions events. Members should not enter any club competition if they are not going to be available on the dates scheduled, including reserve days/nights. Any replacement remains in the team until conclusion of the event. In singles all games are forfeited. The match/tournament committee’s decision is final.

(b) Where championship games coincide with players and/or executives selected to represent their province the match committee may, at its discretion, alter dates to suit.

(c) Any junior club member may enter and/or win any club championship (except first year singles) until such time as his/ her status no longer conforms with ‘definition of a junior’.

(d) Should weather interfere with play the match committee reserves the right to vary the published programme, number of ends, and conditions of play.

(e) Should any dispute arise in the absence of a qualified umpire which cannot be resolved by opposing skips (or singles players) a decision shall be made by the officiating officer(s) of the match committee and such decision is final.

We are limited to the Days available for Club Championships so we may have to play some games at night under lights depending on weather, Rep Selection, Interclub qualifying and Taranaki Bowls Green Selections.