Substitute & Replacements

A written application naming 3 (three) club members of equal or lesser ability is to be submitted to the match committee at least 15 minutes before commencement of play and their decision shall be final. Where possible, substitute or replacement players should be players who have not already participated in the competitions.

If this is not practical, as an alternative, players who are no longer participants in the competition will be accepted.

Definition – a Junior Player: a Junior Player is classified as a person who has been a member of one of more club(s) from their introduction to a bowling club for a period of not more than 5 (five) years. (A season means any part thereof).

RULES: All games shall be played in conformance with Bowls NZ Inc. ‘Laws of the Game’ 2000 revision 1 Oct 2001 and all subsequent amendments with the proviso that the match committee of West End (NP) Bowling Club (Inc.) reserves the right to implement as applicable internal rules (a), (b), (c), (d), (e).

NOTE: As it was necessary to prepare our programme some months in advance there will inevitably be changes, members are therefore advised to:

(A) Check club notice boards each week.
(B) Ring Club Telephone 7580089 and press extn 0 for Club Cancellations.

ENTRIES: Please watch Championship Games notice board for entry charts which list closing dates and times.
CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS: The committee reserves the right to play championship games midweek under lights if need be, by reason of stoppage by weather or other circumstances beyond the control of the committee.