❖ It is courteous in a singles match when your opponent has won the previous end, to hand them the mat and jack.
❖ When the match is completed to thank the marker and to congratulate your opponent.
❖ To stand still and behind the player when they are delivering a bowl.
❖ To observe silence when a bowl is being delivered.
❖ When playing at home and as hosts, to make the visiting players welcome.
❖ When your team loses, to congratulate your opponent.
❖ Never to use strong language during play or display signs of ill temper.
❖ To commend a good shot played by your opponent.

Sportsmanship costs nothing and adds to the enjoyment of the game.

❖ When changing ends, to keep within the confines of your rink.
❖ After the delivery of your bowl, to remain within the confines of your rink.
❖ That all players on or behind the head refrain from any movement that will distract the player at the other end when they are delivering their bowl.
❖ Not to criticise the efforts of a fellow team member. They are trying just as hard as you are.
❖ Not to blame the condition of the green for your team’s defeat and in particular in front of a member of that club.